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Would you like a specialist women’s therapist to help you with any of the following?

  • Fear of blood

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of doctors and nurses

  • Fear of hospitals

  • White Coat syndrome/hypertension

… Then you’re not alone. Experts believe that 1 in 10 people will be affected by an intense fear/phobia at some point in their lifetime and medical issues are amongst the most common.

Some women find that they can’t enjoy their pregnancy because they’re overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about needles, blood, doctors, nurses and hospitals etc. and these feelings are so intense that it makes their pregnancy an extremely anxious time. Others might avoid getting pregnant despite their longing for a baby because the fear is so strong.

Most people experience a certain level of fear when faced with the prospect of medical interventions. It makes perfect sense – we’re biologically programmed to avoid pain and injury.

Fear causes our mind and body to launch our fight and flight response which is a part of our natural survival reaction to danger. The fight and flight experience happens as our mind sends signals through our body to prepare it to runaway from or fight a predator. It can be very powerful and gives us superhuman strength – we’ve all seen the stories in the press of people lifting cars off trapped children, which in the normal run of things wouldn’t be possible.

When we experience fear, our brain learns everything it can from the incident to prevent us from putting ourselves into a similar situation again. It uses visual information (doctors/nurses uniforms/masks or equipment), smells, feelings (jabs/pain), noises (monitors bleeping/dentists drills) and tastes in your mouth. So if your brain recognises that you’ve previously had a bad experience in a similar situation, it’ll send signals through your body aimed at making you want to escape. Consciously we can know that hospital is the best place for us but if our unconscious mind is telling us that last time we went to a place like this we were hurt or injured the conflict causes a build-up of even more stress which can overwhelm us.

We don’t even need to have experienced a scary event ourselves for this to happen because as you know, we learn from others. So if we’ve seen or heard negative stories from other people or in the media that have scared us and then we’re in a similar situation, our unconscious might judge that we’re in danger. If that happens, our body will react with the fight or flight response and we’ll feel the urge to escape.

I’m an experienced specialist women’s hypnotherapist who can help people learn how to stay calm and relaxed during ante-natal visits, pregnancy and childbirth.

If you’d like to know more about how I could help you, please contact me and we can arrange for a meaningful conversation about your worries.


I began treatment with Laurie late last year in an effort to relieve my anxiety and lower my blood pressure both of which were having a negative impact on my life. Laurie spoke to me and we went through what we thought might be causing me this problem. I was given some relaxation exercises to do and told to practice them before my next session, this I did and, after a few days I began to feel more relaxed.
On my second visit Laurie took me back through meditation to when my problem had begun, and we did certain techniques so I could re-live this time and mentally change things. I began to feel better straight after the session. A couple of weeks later I had to go into hospital for a minor operation which would normally have seen my blood pressure soaring due to my anxiety, however, everyone was surprised to find my blood pressure was normal!
My treatment sessions with Laurie have changed my life by teaching me how to use my mind and relaxation to control my body. It’s the best thing I ever did.

I would like to thank you for your help in our hypnotherapy sessions.  Having suffered with my phobias since early childhood I am for the first time in my life feeling a lot more confident and feel like I have control of the situations that I very often find myself in on a day to day basis.  At one time I would have just gone into “panic mode” but now I have the tools to deal with the situation.  I do not have to think before I leave the house about where I am going and what I will encounter whilst there!!  I feel much more positive about the way I am able to handle something that has worried me for years.

I went to see Laurie Harvey because I was having panic attacks. I had seen someone about these before but I was still getting them and I was becoming desperate. When I went to see Laurie she was very patient and understanding and I felt completely relaxed with her. She helped me to understand, why I was feeling the way I was and, after a few visits, I realised that I was getting fewer panic attacks and was feeling much happier and more able to cope with everyday things, which I had been struggling with before.

I had never suffered from panic attacks before so I was so anxious and worried about why they were happening and when they would happen. I was struggling to get out of my house.

The doctor gave me tablets which did help a bit but I couldn’t help but worry about it happening again as I didn’t understand what was causing it.

Someone suggested the only way to get through this would be to see a cognitive behavioural therapist. I was a bit sceptical. Laurie was fantastic! Having someone to listen to how I was feeling and to explain to me why I was feeling this way. She give me tools to stop feeling so anxious.

I feel now able to control my anxious feelings using the tools she has given me & I feel great again.